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Alpine City

alpine city Alpine Center, the Swiss Business School for Hotel and Tourism Management, Switzerland has transferred its diverse programmes of study to City Unity College, Athens as part of its strategic plans. It also offers it programmes of study in other countries including Algeria, and India. These programmes of study include Hotel Management, Culinary Arts, Events & Conventions Management, Spa Management, Travel & Tourism Management and Hospitality & Cruise Ship Management at the diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. For more information on all the programmes of study please visit

City Unity College, Athens operates under the Greek Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs and is one of the most modern and dynamic colleges in Athens. It offers more than 40 modern disciplines in collaboration with internationally recognized universities abroad. For more information on all the programmes please visit

> The Hospitality and Tourism Management Department at City Unity College is managed by the same senior management team, faculty and staff as before. The Palmyra Beach Hotel in Glyfada, serves as the residence hall for students who wish to live in, as well as the location of all ‘laboratory’ training classes in the kitchen, restaurant, housekeeping and front office departments.

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